About Squirly Early Collectiv

Hi, my name is Matthew Vossler and welcome to SE Collectiv. I’m a metal fabricator by trade and have been working in that field for over 8 years. I started doing some woodworking as a hobby after my wife, Kristina, and I purchased our first home. Thanks to Pinterest she gave given me a long list of things she wanted me to make for the house and because of this ever-growing list, I've been able to develop my skillset. Naturally, I started making a few things here and there for friends and family after Kristina started showing off her new decor pieces. After seeing the response from everyone I thought it was a good idea to track the process from start to finish because I always had people asking me how I did it and what steps it took to create it. I eventually started posting the photos online through apps like OfferUp to see if this was something I could sell.


It wasn’t long before I was commissioned to make a pallet wood side table for someone. From there my passion for woodworking only grew.

So, what's the meaning behind the name "SE Collectiv"? When my wife and I first started dating she learned that my middle name was Earl and needless to say she loved calling me by my middle name. I made the mistake of saying I don't like being called Earl and my lovely wife who loves to taunt me has forever deemed my new name as Earl. (By the way, her favorite quote is "Marriage lets you annoy one special person for the rest of your life.") I'll be the first to admit that I was originally annoyed by this new name but over the years it has truly grown on me and I now love that she calls me Earl.


As time passed the name Earl has gone through several iterations (even though Earl is still her favorite), one of which was Squirly Early and that is where the "SE" comes from. The idea behind "Collectiv" was that I love incorporating different materials in my work from metal to wood and reclaimed materials as well. (I currently have quite the collection of pallet wood and other reclaimed materials in my backyard - to my wife's dismay.)

Starting in 2019 we added a new service to the SE Collectiv line-up, in addition to woodworking and metal work SE Collectiv is now proud to offer design services! We can help you create logos, product catalogs, social media graphics and provide video editing services. Be sure to check out our new page labeled "Design Services". Kristina has a Bachelor's in Marketing and is self-taught in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and Premiere Pro. Her desire to learn and expand her skillset is truly a remarkable feature and one of the things that makes her an amazing wife and partner.

At the end of the day I started this company because it was something I loved doing and I wanted the name to reflect who I am and what inspired it. Thanks to my amazing wife and family I have been able to take this talent and share it with the world.

The Team

Matthew Vossler

Owner & Designer


Kristina Vossler

Marketing & Graphic Design



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